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One Tree Hill Field Day

“One Tree Hill’ Ararat Saturday and Sunday we took  part in the 24 hour John Moyle FD.  Members that were there was David,James,Wayne,Aaron Hans ,Andrew, plus some visitors xaviour, sandy, dixie,,, everyone had a great time and the contest was… Read More »One Tree Hill Field Day

WARG New Facebook Page

The Wimmera Amateur Radio Group has tonight started a Facebook Page.Check it out for yourself…

VK3RWZ 6 Metre Filters

Below is a picture of some 6 metre filters (the tall ones) which are used at Mount William. The smaller black filter of the LHS is for the APRS Digi Repeater. Amazing work by VK3TIM, hand making these filters!

VK3RBP goes Kaboom

Today investigating the outage at the VK3RBP site after an incident involving a trunk and a power poll, we discovered this…

VK3RWM Back Online

Repairs have been conducted to the VK3RWM Repeater (Mount Arapiles) today and the repeater is now back on the air! VK3AS

WARG Update

We had a successful working bee last Sunday, with Andy vk3as, Doug vk3kay, Chris McGrath & David vk3gp being present. VK3RBP 70cm repeater was reinstalled along with the original mast and antanna at the Horsham Town Hall. It seems to… Read More »WARG Update