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Is it still popular?

Isn’t it an old hobby that’s dying?Definitely not. In fact, over the past decade Amateur radio has increased substantially in participants. The internet is a great tool that can allow you to communicate too – but they are two very… Read More »Is it still popular?

Why do I need a license?

Because radio does not stop at international borders, it is subject to an international treaty to which Australia is a signatory. As an amateur operator, you have access to equipment that can broadcast (and potentially interfere) with other countries communications.… Read More »Why do I need a license?

WARG Update

We had a successful working bee last Sunday, with Andy vk3as, Doug vk3kay, Chris McGrath & David vk3gp being present. VK3RBP 70cm repeater was reinstalled along with the original mast and antanna at the Horsham Town Hall. It seems to… Read More »WARG Update