Getting to Know Q Codes

General Information Apr 1, 2021

Below is a short list of commonly used Q Codes.

QRLBusy (Stand by)
QRMMan made noise / adjacent channel interference
QRNStatic noise
QROIncrease Power
QRPReduce Power  (Or operating on low power such as under 10w)
QRTShut Down / Clear
QRZWho is calling me?
QSBReceiving poorly / Signal fading
QSLConfirmation (Often refers to confirmation cards exchanged by hams)
QSOYour over (Conversation - not to be confused with 'Over' used at the end of each transmission)
QSXStanding by on the other side.
QSYMove to another frequency
QTHAddress / Location


James Mutch

73 James - VK3JBM Club President

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